Meinl CA7BR Cabasa fibreglass

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The Afro-Brazilian archetype of this rattle consists of the body of a bottle gourd, to which a handle is attached. The shape and function of the MEINL Percussion Fiberglass Cabasa equal a traditional gourd calabash. The fiberglass material makes it very durable.

There are basically two ways to play the cabasa:

  • One is to place the open and slightly rounded palm of the hand against the pearl necklaces and turn the handle with jerky movements.
  • In the other playing technique, the cabasa is held in the hand by the handle, so that the grip is vertical and the cylindrical head horizontal. By shaking the cabasa back and forth, the not fully adhering pearl necklaces hit the front and back of the cabasa respectively.


  • Durable fiberglass material
  • Natural, brown look
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