Line 6 Helix Limited Gold Edition Occasion

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This distinctive Helix Floor guitar processor features a Limited Edition Gold enclosure.

Helix Floor is like no other guitar pedal. It gives you an array of high quality models, simulations and effects allowing you to quickly create or recreate the perfect guitar tone.

  • Award-winning dual DSP HX Modelling
  • Uncompromised Helix sound quality with 123 dB of dynamic range
  • More than 200 Amp, Cab, Mic, and Effect models
  • Large 6.2”, 800x480-Pixel LCD Screen
  • Extensive I/O complement provides unprecedented flexibility for studio and stage
  • Up to 3 expression pedals, CV/expression output, external amp switching, and deep MIDI control
  • Capacitive-touch Footswitches and Customizable Scribble Strips. Touch to Edit, Hold to Assign, Press to Engage
  • Preset compatibility with all other Helix products
  • User-friendly Mac and PC based editors enable remote editing and IR management
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