Earl Scruggs and the 5-string Banjo met audio

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A fully revised and enhanced edition of the world-famous Earl Scruggs method - the best selling Banjo tutor in the world! The Earl Scruggs method has proven to work time and again, and has helped thousands of beginners get to grips with the instrument over the years. This new edition boasts more songs, updated lessons and much more. Everything you need to start playing the Banjo is presented right here, including: Scruggs tuners Reading music and Tab Chords Right hand rolls Left hand techniques Unusual Banjo tunings Picking exercises Along with information on how to play, Scruggs' guide will teach you the history of the instrument, how to build a banjo and over 40 songs to master and enjoy. The accompanying CD features Scruggs himself playing and explaining over 60 examples.

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