Breedlove Organic Series Wildwood Concertina Natural with pickup

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The result of a pioneering three-year journey, The Organic Collection from Breedlove offers four impressive series of sustainably-sourced, all-solid-wood acoustic electric guitars at revolutionary prices. Sustainably harvested all solid woods for superior sound. Torrefied European Spruce tops for aged sound, and durability. Natural-Sound Electronics with sound hole controls. Revolutionary Value. Starting at E599,-

“We’re making tomorrow’s guitars today,” beams Tom Bedell, whose whole earth philosophy and passion for high quality sound is the driving force behind The Organic Collection, designed in Bend, Oregon, and featuring individually-harvested FSC-certified exotic tonewoods like European spruce—torrefied at the source in the Swiss Alps—and African mahogany and ebony. Native Oregon myrtlewood is carefully salvaged and culled from the Pacific coast. No synthetic materials are used, and half the glue of traditional laminates means a lighter, more responsive instrument with dynamic range, tone and sustain rivaling other builder’s high end models.


What makes all mahogany guitars so special? That’s simple. The sound. Built with all-solid African mahogany—from neck to top to back and sides—the Wildwood Concert Satin CE is all about tone, specifically the warm, dry, fundamental timbre of a classic mahogany instrument. That means the true note rings out, with fewer shadings and overtones, making for a clear, defined voice, one often favored by folk, country and blues players. A simple satin finish protects the Wildwood Concert Satin CE, but is thin enough to let it sing. The Breedlove Concert body has stood as an industry standard for 30 years, and it loves a mahogany top as much as you will. Be special, be simple, be wild.


  • Body: Concertina met cutaway
  • Bovenblad: Massief khaya
  • Onderblad en zijkanten: Massief khaya
  • Hals: Khaya
  • Toets en brug: Indiase laurier
  • Toetsinlays: Offset dots
  • Binding: Tortoise
  • Mechanieken: Breedlove Premium Chrome met zwarte vleugels
  • Klankgatrozet: Ringen
  • Frets: 18
  • Kam/bruginlay: Been
  • Kambreedte: 43mm
  • Schaallengte: 24,8”/630mm
  • Voorversterker: Breedlove Natural Sound
  • Afwerking: Natuur gesatineerd
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