Acus One 8 Sim

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acoustic instruments amplifier ONE FOR STRINGS 8 SIMON, 200W, three channels, reverb, dark lacquere
One ForStrings 8 Simon is a 200W acoustic guitar amplifier, with a 8’’ woofer and compressor tweeter.

The amplifier is equipped with 3 inputs (2 mic-line and 1 line) complete with peak, led, gain, 4-band equalizer, send effect and Volume.

It is an extremely versatile product equipped with additional connections as aux input with dedicated Volume and two-band equalizer and manual "feedback canceler" filter. Headphone output with independent volume and the four high quality digital effects integrate the multifaceted system equipment.

frequency response: 40Hz - 20kHz
max power out: 200W
system format: biamp 2 vie
woofer power: 150W
tweeter/horn power: 50W
sensitivity 1W 1m: 94dB
SPL MAX: 116dB
crossover: electronics
woofer size: 8"
high freq driver: compression tweeter
box: 2 vie bass reflex
construction: birch plywood
weight: 13kgs
height: 384mm
width: 287mm
depth: 320mm

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